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Dakota Traveler is a leading van transportation company here in Jacksonville, FL with specialty focus on wheelchair accessible transportation.

We provide safe, comfortable, and professional wheelchair transportation services .

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  • Hospital Discharge Transportation
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    Our Services

    Every time you contact us for wheelchair transportation services, we’ll do more than just drive. We will provide comfort, safety, and on-time services so you can keep coming back for more.

    Medical Appointment Transportation

    At Dakota Traveler, we offer excellent medical appointment transportation services to ensure that you never miss an appointment. With a complete fleet of vehicles and a dedicated team at your service, we’ll get you to your destination safely.

    Hospital Discharge Transportation

    At Dakota Traveler, we offer on-time hospital discharge transportation services in Jacksonville and beyond. Whether your loved one requires wheelchair transportation services or other specialized help, we’ll handle it.

    Specialty Schools Transportation

    Dakota Traveler provides door-to-door specialty school transportation services in Jacksonville and beyond. We want to ensure that your loved one enjoys dependable transportation to and from school every day.

    Dialysis Transportation Services

    Dakota Traveler provides safe, on-time dialysis transportation services to and from your appointment. Whether your loved one has a terminal illness or requires short-term dialysis, you can trust us for your transportation needs.

    Holiday Transportation

    For all your holiday transportation needs, you can trust Dakota Traveler to provide exceptional transport services. Whether you require wheelchair transportation or other specialized transportation needs, we have the tools to handle it.

    Senior Transport Services

    Dakota Travelers provides reliable transportation so your loved one will never miss an appointment.Our vehicles are fully equipped for wheelchair transportation services to cater for our wheelchair passengers.

    Rehab Centers Transportation

    Dakota Travelers provides top-quality transportation services to cater for all your rehab center transportation needs. Our driver will get to you on time and ensure that you get to the rehab on time.

    Special Events Transportation

    At Dakota Traveler, we offer a wide range of special events transportation services in Jacksonville and beyond. Services that will greatly lower your transportation costs yet provide enhanced ride quality.

    Taxi Service

    Are you searching for dependable transport to take you from point A to B? Call Dakota Traveler for reliable and affordable taxi service.
    Our drivers are available 24/7 to cater for all your emergency transportation needs.

    Wheelchair Transportation Services

    At Dakota Traveler, we go out of our way to provide the extra help for our wheelchair passengers. And while doing this, we provide the highest level of comfort whether they are getting on the van or off.

    We safely strap our wheelchair passengers to ensure they enjoy a safe, smooth ride
    Our professionals will ensure that the wheelchair passenger safely navigates the steps once he steps out.
    When necessary, push and lift the wheelchair so our client can get to the door without struggle
    Help in carrying the oxygen tank
    Provide handicap ramps so you can move in and out of the van with ease
    And More


    Safe Reliable Transportation

    Why Choose Us

    At Dakota Traveler, we take pride in providing safe, timely, and reliable transportation every time. Our professional team will always arrive on time and ensure that you never miss an appointment.

    Extensive Fleet of Vehicles for all Your Transportation Needs

    At Dakota Travelers, we never keep our customers waiting. This is why we have a huge fleet of vehicles to meet all your transportation needs on time.

    Professional Services

    Every staff in our team will always strive to do more than just provide transportation service. Whether your loved one has a severe health issue, an elderly, or mental disability, we guarantee top-quality services.

    Many Years of Experience

    Dakota Travelers has been in business for years and we fully understand the ins and outs of transportation service.

    Compassionate Assistance

    Our professional staff always go the extra mile to provide extra help so our passengers can enjoy smooth, comfortable rides.

    Other Services

    As a full-service van transportation company, we have the tools and expertise to handle all your transportation needs. Whether you need a one-off service or regular wheelchair transportation services, we’ll be there.

    Grocery Shopping & Sporting Events Transportation
    Airport & Hotel Transfer
    Corporate Transport
    Road Trips
    Taxi Service
    Business Trip Transportation
    Group Tours & And More

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    At Dakota Travelers, we never keep our customers waiting.

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    Dakota Traveler is your go-to company any time you need safe and affordable wheelchair transportation. With well-maintained vehicles, professional staff, and years of experience, we guarantee unmatched transportation services.


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